Rough Edges of Deep Fissures
This is a new series of paintings I'm currently developing. What inspired this series was a health condition I developed a few months ago. Something so small, barely visible from the outside, and nested inside of my body, it was causing a surprisingly huge amount of pain and discomfort which I was trying to hide as well as I could. I realised that my attempts to conceal this condition and solder on were exactly the same as when I am trying to hide my mental ailments. I am interested in examining what lies behind the veil of pretending and drawing our attention to those invisible, yet deep and painful fissures we all live with.
Please click on the images to view them in individual lightbox galleries where you'll see different photos of each painting, as well as price information.

As the night creeps upon

The silence of astounded souls

Caught in an endless loop

The disappearing act

My anger never sleeps

Faces come out of the rain

How quickly dreams become nightmares

Lost and unfound

S is for secrets

This is really happening

Attempting resistance