Art classes

As children, we paint and scribble whatever comes to our imagination with no inhibitions. Once we grow up though, we begin judging our inventions and often decide that we have no talent so we give up painting and drawing altogether. And even if we don't, we keep criticizing everything we do, holding ourselves to impossible standards and failing to see the beauty in our own unique expression. As someone who spent almost as much time learning to find joyful freedom in painting as mastering the techniques, I am determined to help people rediscover the joy of making art for themselves. As Henry Miller wrote, to paint is to love again, and just as everyone is capable of loving, everyone can paint.
Make the kind of art you want
I offer classes both to absolute beginners and people who already have experience but perhaps are feeling stuck or unhappy with their art development. There is no fixed programme -- the idea is to teach you exactly what you want to learn. Whether that's realistic drawing from nature, abstract painting from imagination or making whimsical collages, I'm here to help you overcome the mental block in your head and find the right tools to express yourself and have a lot of fun in the process. I teach people from all walks of life, from youngsters to seniors.
Online & offline
I offer both online and offline classes (in my studio in The Hague or at your home). Prior to our first class, I offer a free 30 minute discovery call where we can talk about what it is that you're looking for or struggling with, and come up with a plan of action.
Creative SOS
Maybe you already know how to draw and paint, but you're struggling with a lack of inspiration or motivation. Maybe you've had a very long break or are busy with a full-time job and don't know how to incorporate creative work into your life. Or maybe you're not an artist, but would like to identify a creative pursuit to do as a hobby but don't know what it could be. I'm happy to talk to you and help bring more creativity into your life.
Payment & invoice
All prices are inclusive of VAT (21%). Payments are taken via a bank transfer in EUR and I provide a VAT invoice. For international bank transfers I highly recommend Wise because of their low fees, efficiency and transparency.
Book a free discovery call
Online class
1 hour
  • Over Skype / Google Meets
Studio class
1 hour
  • In my studio in The Hague
  • Materials & refreshments included
At home class
1 hour
  • In your home (The Hague only)