Portrait is not just a painting of a face hanging on a wall. It is a beautiful record of time and soul of the sitter. It contains emotions and mystery which lie between the portrayed face and its perception by the artist, and allows a moment in time to last for generations. In the age of iPhone selfies and photographs with identical filters and effects, portrait adds a level of interpretation that is truly unique.
First of all, I always like to meet the sitter (unless it's a surprise present) -- this can happen in my studio or via Skype / Zoom. During the meeting, I'll be taking photographs and if it's an online chat, I will ask you to send me additional selection of photos via email. They don't need to be professional or of a particularly high quality, but ideally I'd like to have a minimum of 10 different shots (showing different angles). Prior to commencing work, I will discuss with you whether you have any preferences regarding facial expression, colours and head angles. We all have lots of different faces, and some people like to have their more serious look captured as opposed to a cheerful one. Or you may not like your left profile -- I fully respect all these preferences. I do not share work-in-progress but I will honour and do my best to fulfill all expectations you share with me during our chat, and I can guarantee undisputable likeness to the subject. I usually take approx. 2-4 weeks to complete a portrait. I require a 50% deposit prior to commencing work and I sign an agreement about the commission.
Shipping and maintenance
The portrait will be shipped in a sturdy box with plenty of cushioning so rest assured it will safely arrive in your home. They will be fitted with hooks and wire at the back for hanging but if you'd like it framed, I will be happy to arrange it at an additional cost. Shipping prices vary depending on the collector's location. Varnish is available upon request free of charge for a gloss or satin finish. Varnish is not necessary to protect the painting and I personally prefer not to use it. Acrylic paints are non-toxic and flexible and the painting can be dusted/cleaned gently with a damp cloth. All paintings have a small signature at the front and are signed and dated on the back.
I do individual and double portraits. For the individual portraits I offer three sizes as these in my opinion work best for head / head and shoulder portraits, but I'll be happy to do a larger painting upon request. Double portraits start at 65×50cm for head and shoulders and can go up to 90×70cm for a half-length.
Payment & invoice
All painting prices are inclusive of VAT. Payments are taken via a bank transfer in EUR and I provide a VAT invoice. For international bank transfers I highly recommend Wise because of their low fees, efficiency and transparency.
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