Francis Bacon once said that "art is an obsession with life and after all, as we are human beings, our greatest obsession is with ourselves. Then possibly with animals, and then with landscapes. (...) Portraits come first."
I have been obsessed with portraits for many years now. It all started with a pastel portrait of my sister which was hanging in her room. It was drawn on sepia-coloured paper, possibly in a short sitting, and the face was created with loose strokes. But it had something really captivating. I remember studying the image for hours, fascinated by how the juxtaposition of green and orange spots on her nose magically gave the illusion of a three-dimensional bulge. How was it possible that a few lines of colour could make the face so alive? I decided to try it myself and so I pulled out a blank sheet of paper and some crayons, and made an extremely poor copy of the portrait. Even though I was using similar colours and, in my eyes, creating similar marks, the face in my portrait looked nothing like my sister. The nose was flat and there was no resemblance to the real person. At that moment, I learned that the act of drawing a human face was a much more difficult task than I had envisaged and that a few colourful crayons, when used by a skilled hand, could create magic. I decided I wanted to learn that magic myself, and have been learning ever since. My style has naturally evolved but the curiosity and passion have remained. I also do portraits on commission -- please click on the link to find out more.
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One-eyed Jackie

Blue Jasmine

Head of a woman in profile

Study of a man’s head

The woman is present

Portrait of Joana


Portrait of Charlie