Immortals Anonymous | 2022
Francis Bacon said: “It’s not all that difficult to sit down and illustrate a wave breaking on the shore, but that’s just going to be one more illustration of a wave breaking on the shore, which is better done by photographs. And so you have to find a way by which you can present this wave breaking. The only real thing now in portraiture is to make not just an illustration of the person but to make an image of them.” Working with found photographs, I am trying to do what Bacon said: make an image of, rather than illustrate, the people whose lives might be a mystery to me but with whom I share a kaleidoscope of emotions. It's my little celebration of humanity, a "collection of souls", to paraphrase the painter Alice Neel. The series is an attempt to move our perspective from depicting an individual to portraying universal emotions.
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Grey matters

From a distance

Beautiful sadness


Heavy mist



Impressions in red

Woman with a long neck

Man in blue

Woman squinting her eyes