Coarse Lines | 2022
The title is a play on the word "coarse" which means both rough and lacking in fineness, as well as vulgar and obscene. The double meaning of the word therefore becomes a basis for a visual and intellectual exploration of the fine line between artistry and vulgarity, and man's attempts to hide his beastly urges. In terms of technique and style, this series is a departure from the more polished and detailed brushstrokes in the previous series. As for the subject, it's an exploration of what distinguishes artistry from vulgarity in depiction of human body and sexuality. I'm interested in whether any real line can be drawn between the two. Does the presence of genitals or the level of detail make an image vulgar? Or what about a portrait of a person in sexual climax where the rest of the body isn't shown but the facial expression leaves no room for ambiguity? Perhaps artistry and vulgarity are not exclusive or in conflict, and their evaluation requires personal values, experience and proper context, albeit it's never possible to objectively justify one's stance. This series is also an exploration of the shame attached to the less polished side of the human body which reminds us of our beastly nature, and why we are so desperately trying to distinguish ourselves from other animals.
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