Dazed and Refused 2012

In June 2012 I participated in Dazed & Refused exhibition, where my painting KJM got sold within a week of being shown on the event’s website. The exhibition gathered a massive interest and was featured in many newspapers, including The Guardian.

An excerpt from Trends and Tales website:

Dazed and Refused is the ultimate haven for all rejects – in the art world.

The exhibition – put on at The Arch Gallery – gives a platform to artists who have had their work turned down by the BP National Portrait Competition. This mega-cool idea is yet another demonstration of us Brits doing what we do best, showing love for all runner ups up and down the country – we see the sparkling potential when others don’t.

In its second year, the concept dreamed up by the clever Bob Sparrow and Adam Laurence will showcase over 97 original works of art and 2445 artists. And just in case you thought this is a party for the ‘undesirables’, dont. NP missed a trick here because some of these paintings are on sale from under £300.00 to over £15,000.00 – an anonymous online buyer picked up a piece by Malwina Chabocka for £940, before it was even put on a wall! That’s right; this is a party you might want to go to.