Ceramic Salon

Tales of Tiles was a site-specific event for the Ceramic House Launch Party in Brighton (2012), curated by J Kay Aplin. I developed a concept for a performance, and designed costumes and props (including a hand-stitched paper suit), which I made with the help of artist Poppy Flint. Together with Matthew Smallwood, Johanne Baadsgaard Lange, Margaret Dewes, and Niki Karali, we devised a durational performance to sound installations designed by Erik Medeiros for various rooms and sites around the Ceramic House (including an underground cave and en suite bedroom). The performance responded directly to the exhibited artwork and engaged the viewers.

I really loved the costume/ outfits the performers wore and thought that because one couldn’tsee their faces it was not intimidating to be close, one felt able to look/ stare.I liked the slowness of the movements and the interactions. The sound was good and I loved that it was other worldlybut also quite intimate.The paper man I only managed to see briefly but I would have loved to have watched for longer. I was fascinated by theWorkings of his mind being made visual, abstract and like a crossword one wanted to work it out, solve a puzzle or read a poem.The outfit too was great. I loved the text and line drawing on the paper clothing. (Mandee Gage, artist)

Kay Aplin’s Private View was a terrific occasion – a real party, put together with the same imaginative flair that typifies all Kay’s projects and ceramic commissions. The house was packed with enthusiasts from Brighton, London and beyond. Many of her guest ceramicists were on hand to talk about their work, which was an added bonus, and the performance art enhanced both Kay’s permanent installations and the artistic atmosphere of the house.

(…) Mandee’s grotto in the basement was eerie and magical in equal measure, and the gimps in tights and soundscape added a whole other unsettling but mesmerising dimension…I loved the bubble-wrapped bather on the top floor.